Menus & Booking

Hire a Private Chef

Betony Traveling Café offers exclusive, personal chef meal services, prepared on-site in your home or vacation rental property (ex. lodge, hotel, resort, Airbnb).  These offerings are all-inclusive, and include shopping, meal prep, waitstaff/table service, and cleanup.  Please click on any of the links below to view Exclusive Event Menus, where you can hand-select four course cuisine offerings (for 2 to 30 people). 

For the more budget conscious, the Café offers a Family Style Menu Plan (minimum 10 guests), which features various themed menu options from which to choose, served buffet style.

All menus are able to be adapted to fit dietary needs and allergy restrictions (ex. dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, etc.)

To book, please contact the chef directly at 801-651-9863, or via email at 

Chef’s Specialties (2 to 30 guests)

Surf & Turf (2 to 30 guests)

Italian Inspiration (2 to 30 guests)

Pasta Classico (2 to 30 guests)

French Fusion (2 to 30 guests)

Shades of the Mediterranean (2 to 30 guests)

Latin American Flair (2 to 30 guests)

American Southern (2 to 30 guests)

Vegan & Vegetarian (2 to 30 guests)

Breakfast & Brunch (2 to 30 guests)

Candlelight Dinner (2 to 4 guests)

Custom Menu Offerings

Betony Traveling Café is happy to work with clients to create custom meal plans for events and budgets of all kinds.  Please feel free to click on any of the full menus listed below, to view a more complete collection of dishes offered.

Click here to download and view the Betony Traveling Café Appetizer & Main Course Menu

Click here to download and view the Betony Traveling Café Baked Goods and Pastry Menu

Healthy Eating Meal Options are also available by clicking here

Corporate Staff & Event Meal Options are available by clicking here

*Note:  If Menus do not open properly on your mobile device or browser, please try downloading instead…