Welcome to Betony Traveling Café, a boutique personal/private chef and catering service based out of Salt Lake City, Utah.

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About Me


My name is Billy Moschella Jr., and I am a cook and pastry chef specializing in the preparation of traditional Italian cuisine as well as international baked goods and pastries. I was born and raised in Boston as part of a boisterous and colorful family of Italian-American restaurateurs, with roots stretching back to Genoa, Naples, and Sicily. I look back fondly upon the many days spent in the kitchen with my grandmothers, learning the secrets of traditional Italian cooking while Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra serenaded us on the crackly old AM/FM radio.

Throughout history, purveyors of fine cuisine, as well as those skilled in the arts of medicine and healing, have held fast to the belief that the secrets to health, happiness, and wisdom lie within the stomach, or as it has been called, ‘the seat of life’. Great indeed are the ideas generated by a small group of people gathered around a well-laid table, enjoying fine food and engaged in even finer conversation. I myself believe that wholesome, free-range, organic, and wildcrafted ingredients, when prepared with love by skilled hands and a passionate heart, have a way of bringing people together, thus strengthening the ties that bind.

As a small-scale personal/private chef and caterer, I have built out a unique model, in that I am happy to work with you to prepare meals of your choice in your own home kitchen.  As part of this, I will handle all of the purchasing of food products, food preparation, meal setting, and clean up.  In addition, I am also able to prepare and deliver catering-style trays of fresh baked goods and pastries, which are available for direct purchase.  It’s like bringing the restaurant or the pastry shop straight to your front door!

Betony Traveling Café is available for: 

Personal and Private chef services

 Small-scale catering events of all kinds (maximum of 30 people)

 Gatherings with friends and family

 Intimate, candlelight dinners on a date night

For more information, including specifics on ordering and pricing, please click here to download a three-page information packet.

To view Menus, please click the ‘Menus’ tab on this website

To inquire, please contact:

Telephone:  801-651-9863

Email:  betonytravelingcafe@gmail.com

I look forward to bringing the traditions of my home to your table!



How it Works

As a personal/private chef, I prepare an array of homemade Italian-inspired dishes and international baked goods and pastries. I am able to work with you and/or your family to provide delicious, home-cooked meals on an ongoing daily/weekly basis. This is done by dividing meals up into daily portion sizes and storing them in appropriately sized containers for quick re-heating, which will make it easy for those with a busy schedule to have access to homemade food at a moment’s notice. And though I do specialize in the preparation of traditional Italian cuisine, I am able to work with your family and yourself to come up with a menu plan that satisfies the palates of everyone.

Because private chef services tend to be much smaller scale in nature than those offered by a catering service, all of what I do in terms of preparation and cooking of meals will be done in your home kitchen. I will provide all of the necessary hardware for meal prep – pots, pans, cooking utensils, etc., and will handle all clean up procedures.

In addition to providing meals on an ongoing basis, I am also able to prepare a lovely spread for one-time events (max 30 people), such as gatherings with friends and family or an intimate, candlelight dinner on a date night.

Because I very much advocate the use of high quality, nutrient-rich ingredients, I work closely with a select few local suppliers, and have found that the quality of the growing and/or animal husbandry methods employed by these local farms and suppliers produces in turn food products that are not only rich in vital nutrients, but which also simply taste better when properly prepared.

For more information, including specifics on ordering and pricing, please click here to download a three-page information packet.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Telephone:  801-651-9863

Email:  betonytravelingcafe@gmail.com


Click here to download and view the Betony Traveling Café Appetizer & Main Course Menu

Click here to download and view the Betony Traveling Café Baked Goods and Pastry Menu


Pricing Information

To streamline the transaction process, both for myself and for my customers, I have worked out the following three-fold pricing system for the private chef services that I offer:

1. Price of ingredients & Supplies:

All food and supply orders shall be accompanied by receipts that outline the total cost of items purchased.

2. Service Fee(s):

For ongoing personal/private chef meal preparation (weekly/monthly), I am able to work with you to develop a payment plan. This can be done on a weekly or a monthly basis. For one-time catering events, the charge will vary depending upon the number guests attending the event as well as the nature of the items being ordered, i.e. varying lengths of time pertaining to shopping for ingredients and supplies as well as the time required for prep, cooking, plating, and delivery of meals.  Please contact me for more information and to receive a quote.

3. Distance/Driving Fee:

Note that there is a distance/driving charge of $25 applied to locations that are situated within a 25-mile radius of greater Salt Lake City. Beyond this, I charge $25 per every additional 25-miles driven, and am able to provide personal/private chef and small-scale catering event services to locations situated up to 1 hour from the greater SLC area.

Initial Deposit:

For ongoing personal/private chef services, I require an initial retainer of $500 as a means of securing services. For all one-time special event and catering orders, I ask for an initial deposit at the time of booking (amount will vary depending upon the nature of the event). Remainder of payment for catering services (minus the initial deposit) is due on the date of the event. If for some reason circumstances do change on your part, such as the cancellation of your event, I am happy to work with you, on a case-by-case basis, to resolve this.

Payment Methods:

I am able to accept payments through Venmo (mobile App) or in person (cash or check). I am also able to accept credit cards (in-person only) via Square Reader. All payments shall be accompanied by an Invoice for services rendered.