How it Works

Private chef for vacation rentals, in-home catering events, and on-going weekly meal planning

Personal Chef and Catering Event Services

Exclusive Meal Services (2 to 30 guests) prepared in your home kitchen or vacation rental property (ex. lodge, resort, hotel, Airbnb).  Priced per person, all-inclusive (meal planning, grocery shopping, meal prep, waitstaff/table service, clean up).  Also offer catering-style meal services (delivery only or on-site waitstaff), for small-scale events of all kinds (up to 100 people)

Multi-day Retreats, Corporate Gatherings, and Vacations

Offering multi-day meal services for private and corporate retreats as well as extended family vacations

Private Chef Services for Individuals and Families

Offering an array of custom-built, on-going weekly meal plans for individuals and families.  Meals divided up into daily portion sizes and stored in appropriately-sized containers for quick re-heating.  Offer the option of having these meals prepared either in your own home kitchen or off-site, and thus made available to you via delivery.

 Locally Sourced Ingredients and First-Rate Quality Control Standards

Because I very much advocate the use of high quality, nutrient-rich ingredients, I work closely with a select few local suppliers, and have found that the quality of the growing and/or animal husbandry methods employed by these local farms and suppliers produces in turn food products that are not only rich in vital nutrients, but which also, when prepared properly, simply taste better.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Telephone:  801-651-9863