How it Works

As a personal/private chef, I prepare an array of custom-built meal plans.  I am able to work with you and/or your family to provide delicious, home-cooked meals on an ongoing daily/weekly basis.  This is done by dividing meals up into daily portion sizes and storing them in appropriately-sized containers for quick re-heating, which will make it easy for those with a busy schedule to have access to homemade food at a moment’s notice.  I am also able to work with yourself and/or your family to come up with a menu plan that satisfies the palates of everyone.  In addition, I offer the option of having these meals prepared either in your own home kitchen or off-site, and thus made available to you via delivery.

In addition to providing meals on an ongoing basis, I am also able to prepare a lovely spread for one-time events of all kinds (max 50 people), such as parties, gatherings with friends and family, or an intimate, candlelit dinner on a date night.

Because I very much advocate the use of high quality, nutrient-rich ingredients, I work closely with a select few local suppliers, and have found that the quality of the growing and/or animal husbandry methods employed by these local farms and suppliers produces in turn food products that are not only rich in vital nutrients, but which also, when prepared properly, simply taste better.

For more information, including specifics on ordering and pricing, please click here to download a three-page information packet.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Telephone:  801-651-9863